3 days Innovation Design Thinking class

Innovitro offers a 3-day training on Innovation Design Thinking course. The course is developed based on University of Virginia's curriculum.

2 days Innovation Design Thinking workshop

Two full days action-packed workshop will lead you to have a real chance to practice the whole process of doing design thinking to develop innovation. Innovitro approach follows the world-renown Stanford's Innovation Design Thinking workshop.


The design thinking instruction course

The 3 day course will guide you to answer the 4 questions--What is?, What if?, What wows?, and What works?. The course will insert real cases as examples for an easy recognition of how Design Thinking can help you innovate.

Innovation design thinking workshop

The 2-day workshop allows you to have a practical hands-on with real-life experience. During the workshop, you will have the chance to think of a thing that you had done for someone recently, and why you have chosen to do it that way. Then you will be guided to think of what the recipient of your "thing" would think, then you will be exploring the alternative ways of how you can improve the delivery of your "thing". The workshop will allows you to develop the prototype of your best "thing" and shows your idea to others.


Next Steps...

Innovation is not just happen or you need a prodigy to make it happen. Innovation can be foster and it has systematic way of reaching. Innovitro's 3-day theoretical class and a 2-day workshop will fulfill your destination of reaching your innovation. Call us to put your innovation to action.