Interviewing, Gateway to Knowledge Harvesting

Interview is the necessary process to capture knowledge. We do interview in order to reflect of what is inside the head of the interviewee, the knowledge beholder. Interviewing is a planned process. Prior to the interview, the interviewee's past experiences will be examined. Interviewing sometimes is not just a direct approach between the interviewer and interviewee. To get information, peers and subordinates must be interviewed as well to gain insight about the interviewee.

Innovitro's Interviewing Ground

Innovitro's way of doing interview is a 3-step process.

Step one is to prepare for the interview. This step cover the setting up of interview schedule, prepare fro interview guide, prepare and test video and audio equipment.

Step two is to use the interviewing template as agenda to the interview. This step will cover making rapport with the interviewee, reading the the body language, and conducting the  interview.

Step three is to use the template to capture the interview for the distillation process later.

The course will be conducted using role-play technique to get you through the interviewing session with questioning loop technique, which are

  • starting from asking question,
  • elaborating of what key success or factors that is mentioned in the session,
  • get into the cycle of interviewing conversation of ask question-explore answer,
  • summaries feedback, and
  • develop new questions.

Next Steps...

This course will groom you to be a prominent interviewer using step-wise approach to effective interviewing. Capturing knowledge is the primary step of knowledge distillation and elicitation. Interviewing is the most efficient tool to extract knowledge form the head of the beholder. Framed the conversation and focus on important topics is very crucial. Innovitro consulting team has experts who has been doing interviewing for knowledge capturing and extraction. If you want to become the interviewing expert, please contact us.....