Prerequisite to Knowledge Elicitation and Knowledge Asset Development

Prior to proceed to the Knowledge Elicitation and Knowledge Asset Development, Interview must be done before. This step is the sequel of Interviewing phase.

Knowledge Nugget

Knowledge Elicitation

This process is to use the knowledge captured from the interview to develop knowledge asset. There are three steps in this process.

Step one is to distill the captured context. The recorded interview will be transcribed on to a pre-define format. This step is very time consuming. Sometimes external resources who is skillful for word-for-word transcription may prove beneficial.

Step two is to nuggetize the knowledge. In this step knowledge is stripped into smaller pieces based on emerging themes and sub-themes (first or second order coding). Captured voice and video will be stripped into small pieces as well for easy access right to the context when needed.

Step three is to transform the nuggetized knowledge with official language and sort and group them in order to conclude the knowledge elicitation phase.

Knowledge Asset Development

After knowledge has been elicited, knowledge will be put in web accessible format for search and retrieval. Knowledge is now broken into smaller pieces with direct accessibility. Multimedia is the key factor to preserve the gesture or referral to actual meaning without transcriber's biases.

Knowledeg Asset Standard Template

Next Steps...

Innovitro offers this 3-day workshop to transfer knowledge and skill. It is recommended that to proceed with Knowledge Elicitation and Knowledge Asset Development, the team must be familiar with interviewing technique for knowledge harvesting. For more details, please contact us....