KR Process

Knowledge Retention

Knowledge retention is a KM process that is to be exercised when valuable persons are leaving company. Knowledge retention has been seriously considered when the Baby Boom generation is about to leave the companies around the world because of the retirement. These persons contain valuable knowledge especially in their heads. There had been many reported cases that many organizations lost their knowledge with the people leaving.

NASA had not been sending people to the moons since the 70s. To do it again would cost them much more than sending the first man on the moon in 1969. Boeing had lost their knowledge when one of their line of aircraft had been abandoned. There were requested to reassembled the production line, Boeing spent millions of dollars holding multiple meetings with their ex-employees to try to reconstruct the lost knowledge.

Innovitro's way of doing Knowledge Retention

Innovitro has the process of handling the lost lost knowledge by addressing the key knowledge from the leaving persons, before they exit the company. Innovitro consulting team can teach and transfer the knowhow of retaining the knowledge and create the knowledge asset for future reference within the company to your company KM team representatives, or you can ask Innovitro Consulting team to do it for you. We had experienced in capturing and developing knowledge asset for internal access for many years.

Knowledeg Asset Standard Template

With Innovator Consulting Approach, we can help you...

  • Developed the Knowledge Retention program
  • Develop roadmap and establish process of planning to perform Knowledge Retention
  • Train KM staff to perform Knowledge retention systematically
  • Develop standard knowledge asset template and tool kit