Multiple Case Study

Lessons Learn Analysis

Lessons Learn Analysis is a step further to take on after doing lessons learned. The key objective is to develop commonality among similar project cases.

There are several approach in select cases to do the cross case analysis. First is the use of a single project team and perform multiple cases bases on the achievement or failure from that same project team. Second is to use the different project team on similar type of projects. An the last approach is to select the multiple project teams having each team performs  similar projects.

The key selection that is very crucial for commonality extraction is the unit of analysis and the characteristics of the projects. they must be at the same level with similar project type.

Thematizie and Conclusion to Become Organizational Knowledge

Innovitro's approach is to perform individual analysis of a case study and repeatedly perform analysis based on the same thematic selection. Each case is thematized and compare to combine the finding. The cross case commonality is drawn and concluded. The theory is formulated to deliver the common finding, having organizational knowledge as the outcome.

Process in writing Multiple Case Study

Next Steps...

Doing Lessons Learned Analytics is not easy and requires expertise in Qualitative Analysis. Innovitro have such strong capabilities. This ability is gained through critical practices, but can be groomed. Let's innovator help you with the development of this capability for further enhancement of your organizational knowledge development. Contact us....