Peer Assist

Peer Assist is the learning process that will guide you before you start doing new project. The key to learning is the mindset of thinking that this kind of project has been done by someone else or some other teams before.

The learning will be done when the visiting team to give insight about their past performance, include what to do and what to avoid or beware of. The key takeaway will be the result for the home team to use for their project.

After Action Review

Invented by US Army, After Action review (AAR) is the discussion session after completing a task. AAR will help you get back on track if something is deviated from your original intention. Getting back on track will help you ensure the carry on task do not get miscarriage away and would end up in damaging the outcome.


Retrospect is the learning together session after a project is completed. The entire program are reviewed by everyone involving with the project. Facilitated session will help the entire team to learn. The knowledge about the project will be extracted and encoded for future reference, as well as the failure to avoid. The learning will be passed on to the next team that are to carry the similar project elsewhere.

PAR Tools

Knowledge Management Tools in interactions with business operations

Peer Assist-After Action Review-Retrospective Learning, or inshore PAR, are the combination of tools that requires facilitator to help the team to learn before a project is taken, after a task in the project had been completes, and at the end of the project to conclude of what had happened, and why there are some miscarriage from the original intention, in order to find a better way to repeat the success and to avoid the repeated mistake.

How Innovitro consulting team use PAR tools?

Innovitro Consulting uses PAR tools to help the team and business learn. We offers facilitator-led learning sessions as a service, or we can train the project leaders and KM team to learn how to use the tools and how to lead effective facilitating session.

Lessons Learn from mistake
AAR Template

Next Steps...

If you wants to learn from your actions and ensure you have a systematic approach of stepping into future project, we can help you learn from the past to gain hindsight, learn during the course of actions to gain insight, and learn before stepping into future to gain foresight, you can have us help you.