SNA Analytics

Social Network Analysis:- A look into socialable networking of knowledge workers

When it comes to work, sometimes it's about who you know and how you find them.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) allows you to visualize and understand the myriad of social relationships that can either facilitate or impede knowledge creation or transfer. The visualize socio-graph shows how people work together when it comes to a certain topic area. SNA is a set of tools for mapping important knowledge relationships between people, departments, which are helpful for improving collaboration, knowledge creation, and knowledge transfer in an organization.

Who you know has a significant impact on what you come to know.

While Organization chart represent the formal bonding of work functions of knowledge workers in each department, the social network is the informal part that indicates how the works really get done. The main principle of SNA is to show the connection and collaboration of people when an information or advise is need on a certain topic. The key question is "Who to look for when you need an information regarding that topic?".

The socio-graph will show the different role of each individual, we call these individual "Actor". Some of these actors perform as the "gatekeeper" or "liason" in the department, by relaying the knowledge flow to the right person. They can be the experts if the consulting for knowledge are pointing to them. They can be identified as "underutilize" or "isolated" if there is very little or no connection to the rest of the team.

SNA can help:

  • Bridging strategically important disconnect between departments and organizations

  • Improving a network’s ability to sense and respond to opportunities

  • Aligning the organizational context to energize and support networks

  • Identifying overburdened employees and redistributing workloads

  • Eliminating information bottlenecks

  • Recognizing and supporting “connectors”

  • Pulling in peripheral people who represent untapped expertise

Innovitro's Approach on SNA Survey and Analytics

The Innovitro's process to perform on SNA are as the following:

  1. Identify the organization structure of a department or group of departments that are inter-related in delivering a work service.
  2. Scope the area that critical knowledge is to be studied.
  3. Conduct survey and gather data on sociallable perspective to identify the flow of knowledge and roles of individuals.
  4. Visualize the social network and perform analytics.

Next Steps...

SNA will help identify whom and how the critical knowledge actually flows in the organization. It reveals the key critical person to hold the important of knowledge, so that you can plan ahead on how to capture or develop successor to prevent the knowledge loss if such key individuals is not with the team any more. Wish to explore more on the sociallable side of knowledge workers, please contact us.